Our Recommendations for Trusted Allied Health Professionals

A skilled physiotherapist or kinesiologist can make a big difference in your recovery. See below for recommended health professionals that are trusted by our doctors. These professionals have a proven track record of providing excellent care.

White Oak Pain Clinic does not benefit financially from making these endorsements. We just want to connect our patients with the right care to help you get better!



Embodied Dynamics – Kinesiology

At Embodied Dynamics, your rehabilitation leads to long-term health and well-being. Our goal is to help you accelerate your recovery, enjoy the process of recovery, and transform that experience into a strategy for staying in your best shape while continuously improving your performance. Here are the steps we take to achieve this goal.


  1. Provide a thorough assessment of posture, movement, and neuro-musculoskeletal system
  2. Design customized movement training that facilitates optimal conditions for your recovery
  3. Share knowledge and resources that help you enhance your understanding of your body system
  4. Establish strategies to adapt your training according to your unique environment
  5. Connect you with the right practitioners when necessary, so that you can manage your integrative health and well-being



For more information, please visit www.embodieDDynamics.net or contact 778-873-3135 / info@embodieDDynamics.net

To book appointments, visit https://embodieDDynamics.janeapp.com

Location: near Lougheed Mall


Anderson Performance Clinic – Physiotherapy and allied services

For more information, please visit www.performanceclinic.ca

Location: Downtown Vancouver and Granville Island

We are passionate about helping people be the best version of themselves.

Anderson Performance Clinic delivers knowledge and services developed from many years of experience working with elite performers to anyone interested in learning and applying it.

Our clients gain greater insight into how physical and mental strategies are best integrated for maximum healing, wellness, and performance. We help our clients fulfill their potential and purpose. Whatever your goals may be — we look forward to helping you achieve.